Without doubt these are the most difficult times that I have lived through and this is of course true for huge numbers of the world population. I hope that as you read this that you and your family and friends have managed to avoid the worst of Covid-19.

It seems strange that I should update this website when I am fairly sure that musical instrument sales at a professional level will be few and far between for some time to come. Here in the UK, concert halls, opera houses and all theatres closed their doors in mid-March and have not opened since. My orchestral colleagues, most of whom are not on salary, are relying on savings, government grants and careful budgeting to get through this time. Thoughts of purchasing a double bass will be far from their minds.

However, we musicians enjoy looking at good instruments and can appreciate them as things of beauty and the products of great skill. So enjoy your visits to my website. Hopefully things will return to normal sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, please note some price reductions if you are considering a purchase.

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My name is Kenneth Knussen. I am a professional double bass player and, for more than 35 years, have played in orchestras throughout the United Kingdom.


The basses under the INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE heading are mostly owned by players, active or retired and are currently available. This is in contrast to the majority of sites that are offering instruments owned by dealers. Once an instrument is sold it will be moved into the INSTRUMENT ARCHIVE section.


All enquiries should be made via this website to: