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Double Basses for sale at reasonable prices.

Double Basses .Co .Uk

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Bernard Simon Fendt copy 1977

Welcome ...

... to DoubleBasses.Co.Uk

As usual this website has been long overdue an update. Since I last wrote an introduction, we in the UK have become very aware of the damage caused to the world of orchestral music by funding cuts. Opera has been decimated. English National Opera and Welsh National Opera are now, essentially, part time organisations. Glyndebourne had to cancel it's touring wing last year. Elsewhere Northern Ballet is now touring to recorded music rather than using it's orchestra in live performance. And arts organisations in the city of Birmingham have been told that their regular funding from the city council will be cut by 50% this year and 100% in 2025. These cuts will affect the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Birmingham Royal Ballet amongst many others.

We professional musicians look on in horror as we see younger players coming out of music colleges with the prospect of considerably less work than we were blessed with. We can but hope that a future government will, as promised, acknowledge the importance of culture, the arts and, closer to home, music. The promise of free access to musical instrument lessons in the state school system is more than welcome. When I was a child it was normal. So many of my colleagues would not have entered the profession without those lessons.

It was not my intention to touch on politics on this page, or to bring gloom into the proceedings. It is hard to avoid at the moment. However, you are here and, if nothing else, I hope that you enjoy looking at the instruments on my website and perhaps learn a little of their history. If you are looking for a double bass to purchase I hope I can be of assistance.

If you are familiar with DoubleBasses.Co.Uk you may notice some additions to the instruments for sale. I like to think that the pricing accurately reflects the quality of the instruments from a players perspective. 

Please enjoy looking at the archive pages if you simply like to broaden your knowledge of double basses. I try to be as accurate and honest as I can with the descriptions.

My name is Kenneth Knussen. I am a professional double bass player and, for over 40 years, have played in orchestras throughout the United Kingdom.


The basses under the INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE heading are mostly owned by players, active or retired and are currently available. This is in contrast to the majority of sites that are offering instruments owned by dealers. Once an instrument is sold it will be moved into the INSTRUMENT ARCHIVE sections.


All enquiries should be made via this website to:



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